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Watts Regulator Company

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Backflow Preventors & Accessories

Flow Measurement

Flow Measurement Orifices
Flow Measurement Valves
Insulation Systems
Pressure Differential Gauges
Triple Duty Valves

Ball Valves

Standard Port Brass
Full Port Brass
Standard Port Bronze
Full Port Bronze
Standard Port Bronze Unibody
Full Port Carbon Steel
Full Port Cast Iron Flanged
Electric Motor Valves
Gas Ball Valves
Isolation Pump Flanges
Plastic Ball Valves
Specialty Ball Vales
Full Port SS Ball Valves

Butterfly Valves

Full Lug
Grooved End

Dielectric Unions

Bolt Insulators
Dieletric Unions
Flanged Fittings

Flexible Connectors

Dishwasher Connectors
Faucet Connectors
Ice Maker Connectors
Toilet Connectors
Water Heater Connectors
Washing Machine Connectors

FloodSafe Prevent Losses Due to Flooding

Float Valves and Components

Evaporative Cooler Valves
Standard Duty Mech. Float Valves
Heavy Duty Mech. Float Valves
Automatic Livestock Watering Kits
Heavy Duty Floats
Heavy Duty Stems & Adaptors

Gate, Globe and Check Valves

Bronze Gate Valves
Brass Gate Valves
Check Valves Water / Steam
Check Valves Water
Check Valves Well Systems
Check Valves Fire Sprinkler
Lead-Free Check Valves
Iron Gate Valves
Stainless Steel Gate & Globe
Water Meter Angle Valves


Air Assembly Test Gauges
Combination Pressure & Temperature Gauges
Hose Connection Test Gauges
Pressure Gauges
Bimetal Thermometers
Liquid Fill Thermometers
Test Plugs

Hydronics and Steam Heating

Air Vents
Boiler Drains -Regulators-Trim
Expansion Tanks
Check & Control Valves
Flow Detectors & Switches
Heating Vavles
Low Water Cut Off
Steam Traps

Plumbing Specialties

Access Panels
Anti-Sweat Valves
Pre-Engineered Valve Stations
Stop/Stop and Waste Valves
Transition Risers
Trap Primers
Wall Hydrants
Washing Machine Shutoffs
Water Meter Angle Valves
Water Hammer Arrestors

Pressure Regulators
& Automatic
Control Valves

Automatic Control Valves
Steam Pressure Regulators
Water Pressure Reducing Valves
Small Capacity Reducing
Std. Capacity Reducing
High Capacity Reducing
Super Capacity Reducing
Jumper Kits

Relief Valves

Air Release & Vacuum Valves
ASME Safety Valves
Automatic Gas Shutoff Valve
By-Pass Control Valves
Combination Ball & Relief Valve
Pressure-Only Relief Valves
Temperature & Pressure Relief Valves


Bronze Flanged
Bronze In-Line
Bronze Wye
Carbon-Steel Flanged
Cast Iron Basket
Cast Iron Wye
Cast Steel
Flanged, Wye, Epoxy-Coated
Plastic Wye
Stainless Steel Fabricated Flanged Wye
Stainless Steel ANSI Wye
Stainless Steel Basket
Steel, Epoxy-Coated, UL/FM Basket


Tempering Valves

Water Filtration

M Series
Economy Series
Wall Mount
Residential - Marine -RV
Commercial/Residential Ice Maker Filtration


Water Heater Installation Products

Thousands of options -call with your needs.

Backwater Valves
Floor Drains
Floor Sinks
Trench Drains
Grease Interceptors
Oil Interceptors
Roof Drains
Shower Drains
Solids Interceptors
Miscellaneous Specialties