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Spence Main Valves
E Main Valve
E2 Main Valve
E5 Main Valve
E6 Main Valve
E8 Main Valve
C34 Main Valve

Type D Pressure Reducing Pilot
Type A Air Adjusted Pilot
Type P60 Pneumatic Controller
Type N Differential Pressure Pilot
Type P Pump Governor Pilot
Type 46 Vacuum Pump Pilot
Type Q Back Pressure Pilot
Type F Back Pressure Pilot
Type P125 Trip Stop Pilot
Type SP/P Pressure Safety Pilot
Type M Solenoid Pilot

Type D208 Electronic Actuator Pilot
Type 210 Electronic Actuator Pilot
Type T124 / T 134 Temperature / Pressure Pilot
Type T14 Vapor Tension Temperature Pilot
Type T52 Temperature Pilot
Type T60 Pneumatic Temperature Pilot
Type SP/T Temperature Safety Pilot
Type T61, T62, T63, T64 Pneumatic Temp. Controller

Combination Regulators
ED Series
E2D Series
ED & ED2 Integral Mount
EA Series
ET14 Temperature Regulators
ET14D Pressure Limiting Temp. Regulator
ET124 /ET134 & E2T134 Temp. & Pressure Regulator
ED210 Regulator
Type ED208D Pressure Regulator

Direct Operated Valves
Series 2000 Temperature Regulator
Type D50 Pressure Reducing Valve
Type N6 Differential Pressure Valve
Type D & D2 Pressure Reducing Valve
Type D34 Water Pressure Reducing Valve
Type D36 Water Pressure Reducing Valve

Control Valves
Kombat Series K Control Valves
Intimidator Type J Control Valves
Boss Series D Control Valve
Doctor Series MD 3-way Control Valve

Commercial / Industrial Safety Relief Valves
Figure 31, 32, 41, 42 and 43 Bronze Series
Figure 31 and 41 Cast Iron Series
Figure 800 Series
Figure 10 Series
Figure 15 Series
Figure 15V Series
Figure 50 Series
Drip Pan Elbow

Cryognic Safety Relief Valves
Figure 710 Series
Figure 760 Series
Figure 770 Series
Figure 780 Diverter Valve
figure 790 cryotree Assembly

Condensate Pumps
Condensate Commander Pump
Condensate Commander Classic Pump
Condensate Commander Big Boy Pump
Condensate Commander Horizontal Boy Pump
Condensate Commander Little Boy Pump

Steam Traps
Nova NFT 250 Series Variable Orifice Steam Traps
Nova NFT 650 Series Variable Orifice Steam Traps
FTN Series Float 7 Thermostatic Steam Traps
Max –Flo Super High Capacity FTN Steam Traps
Dura-Flow Inverted Bucket Steam Traps
FTN & Dura-Flo Repair Kits

NTD 600 Series Thermo-active Steam Traps
Liquidator 450 Series Universal Mount Thermostatic Traps
Liquidator UMT-TD Universal Mount Thermodynamic Trap
DS200 Series Thermostatic Steam Trap
Thermostatic Steam Traps
Thermodynamic Steam Traps