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General Oil Filters & General Aire Filters

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Fuel Filters

1A-25A & 2A-700A Oil Filters, Replacement Cartridges

Filter Bowl Repair Kits

2A-17A Series and 2A-750A Storage Tank Filters

2A-17A and 2A-750A

E-Z Change Filter Draining System.

Fuel Oil Tank Accessories


Steam Humidifiers

Elite Steam Models DS-20, RS-20

Steam Cylinder For Elite Steam Units

Elite Steam Accessories

Non Electric Humidifiers

800 Model, 880 Replacement Evaporator Plates. . . .



High Efficiency Air Cleaners/Air Purifier

AC-1 Air Cleaner

AC-2 Air Purifier

AC-3 Complete Indoor Air System

AC-4 Air Cleaner

Replacement Media

G-99 Air Filter Gage

MAC Air Cleaner

H.E.P.A. Air Clearner

UVC. Air Purifier






HRV 8160 & 8220

ERV 3160 & 3220

Bypass Drain Type Humidifiers

SL-16 Models

1042 Models

1099 Models

990-13 Evaporator Pad

1099-20 Evaporator Pad.


Humidifier Accessories

Model 975 Pump Ki

M-2 Manual Humidistat.

Model G-98 Indoor Humidity/Temperature Gage

Electronic Humidistat

12500 Air Pressure Switch

Air Cleaner and Humidifier
Replacement Parts

AC-1 Air Cleaner and AC-2 Air Purifier.

AC-3 Complete Indoor Air System and AC-4 Air Cleaner

SL-16 Models

1042 Models

1040 Models

1137 Models

709-LH Models

1099 Models

81 Model

65 Model

747 Models

Elite Steam Models

800 Model

Power Humidifiers - Drain Type

1137 Models.


Drum Type Humidifiers

81 Model

65 Model.

747-L Model

81-15 Evaporator Sleeve

65-5, 727-12 Evaporator Sleeves


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